Welcome to the Pocket Code MOOC site!

We are creating a free course open to everyone. We can bring it to you for free because Catrobat has been awarded the highly competitive CS4HS grant by Google.

Our goal is to allow pupils and teachers to learn how to express themselves creatively through coding, directly on their Android smartphones or tablets, without the need for PCs or laptops. By using mobile devices, schools in developing countries are more likely to be able to teach the coding skills that are of fundamental importance to the future society. The development of programs directly on mobile devices allows the users to program anywhere and anytime. By supporting device sensors, integrated cameras, Lego Mindstorm and Arduino/RaspberryPi boards, a completely new access to programming is given to the children.

The MOOC will contain three basic lectures and additional lectures for different target groups. In these three basic lectures, Pocket Code will be explained in detail, and the participants will do their first own project in Pocket Code.

UPDATE (8 November 2015): First parts of the MOOC are now available via https://edu.catrob.at/

What ist Pocket Code?

Pocket Code allows you to create, edit, execute, share, and remix Catrobat programs in a visual, "LEGO-style" programming environment and programming language. You can remix programs that others have made and share them with your friends and the world. With Pocket Code you can up- and download Catrobat programs through the Pocket Code community website at https://pocketcode.org/ --- All Catrobat programs uploaded to this site can be downloaded by anyone under a free open source license to maximize learning, remixing, and sharing them freely.