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Pocket Code allows you to create your own games, animations, interactive music videos, and many kind of other apps, directly on your phone or tablet.
100&Change: Disruptive Innovation Will Lift India Out Of Poverty
August 2019
Together with the App Inventor team at the MIT, the Snap! team at Berkeley, and the Play Learn Foundation India, have submitted a proposal for a 100&Change grant from the MacArthur Foundation.

Project RemoteMentor
January 2018 - December 2018
RemoteMentor is an one-year project funded by Austrian Internet Foundation NetIdee. In this project, female students between 14 to15 years used our app Pocket Code during their computing and arts lesson. During this time, they received real time online mentoring by students from TU Graz. The girls called a mentor and shared their screen with them to show their scripts and ask for advice.

Project Code’n’Stitch
Sepember 2018 – August 2020
In September 2018 a new project funded by FEMtech (FFG) started. To make Pocket Code more interesting and attractive for our target group of young women between 12 and 15 years old, we will extend the app with the option to program embroidery machines. In this way, self-created patterns and designs can be stitched on t-shirts, pants or even bags. The project will be realized together with “bits4kids” and the Styrian fashion shop “Apflbutzn”.

“Mind the Gap“ / Gender & Diversity Award
November 2018
The dissertation of the Catrobat member Bernadette which focuses on empowering girls for coding has been honoured with the Gender& Diversity award from the TU Graz.
Link to her dissertation:

Girls Coding Week
6th – 10th of August 2018
This one week workshop aimed at empowering female teenagers between 11-14 years old with new and engaging ways of learning to code with the app Pocket Code. With Pocket Code girls designed games, stories, and own apps. Furthermore, they were introduced to LEGO®-Mindstorms EV3 robots, they were able to stitch creative programmed patterns with an embroidery machine on bags. Programming is super easy and cool – especially for girls! This concept for the “Girls Coding Week” will be offered again in summer 2019 (29.7-02.08.2019)

Google Code-in - we had a great time!
January 2018
Several hundred students participated in this year's Google Code-in at Catrobat. We're amazed how many great submissions have been made and how the students got an active part of our community! Congratulations to the participants - you all did a great job and we hope you stay part of our community!

Participate with Catrobat at the Hour of Code and win a trip to Google's headquarters!
December 2017
Create galaxy themed projects with Pocket Code during's hour of code and participate in this year's Google Code-in contest to win awesome prizes from Google and Catrobat!

"Closing the Gender Gap" Award for Catrobat's Remote Mentoring project!
November 2017
The Austrian Internet Foundation has selected our Remote Mentoring (inspired by Neal Stephenson's Diamond Age bestseller) for its "Closing the Gender Gap" Award! Especially girls will benefit from the results of this new feature to get connected online with others to learn coding together.

Catrobat is a mentoring organization for Google Code-in!
October 2017
Create awesome games and other projects to win fantastic prizes!

Catrobat at GameCity'2017 during #codeEU week!
October 2017
Google sponsored our presence with a large booth at GameCity'2017, with thousands of kids being able to experience Pocket Code for the first time!

Meet us at #Scratch2017BDX!
July 2017
The International Scratch Conference 2017 will take place from July 18th to July 21st in Bordeaux, France! Meet our team there to get to know the latest news about Pocket Code, Create@School and the new Phiro Extension!

Pocket Code at EduLearn2017!
July 2017
To discuss new, innovative technologies in education and also to get input for the future development of our services, our team attended to the 9th International Conference on Education and new Learning Technologies in Barcelona this week!

Pocket Code at the Maker Faire Vienna
May 2017
The Catrobat Team presented Pocket Code and No1LeftBehind at the Maker Faire Vienna. Hundreds of interested Makers visited the booth or participated in the workshop "Create your own app in 60 minutes".

Pocket Code wins "Best Educational App" Platinum Award
March 2017
Pocket Code is the Platinum Award winner in the category "Best Educational App" at the Best Mobile App Awards!

Winner class of the #GalaxyGameJam
March 2017
Hundreds of great games have been submitted to the #GalaxyGameJam and also several schools participated in our class contest. Together with Samsung Austria we visited the winners class in the middle of the Austrian Alps and handed over the prizes to these lucky winners. Congratulations!

Catrobat at Google Summer of Code 2017
February 2017
Catrobat got selected again for GSoC! We're happy to foster the FOSS community and are looking forward to the work of the students on our project!

The #GalaxyGameJam ended
January 2017
Several hundred submissions have been made over the last couple of months to our unique #GalaxyGameJam! Browse through the fantastic and galactic games made by our users!

Pocket Code is the Winner of the Regional Award Europe at the Reimagine Education Awards from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA!
December 2016
Wharton's MBA program is ranked No. 1 in the world according to both Business Insider and QS, and Wharton's business school undergraduate program is also ranked No. 1 in the United States by U.S. News & World Report and Forbes. Alumni, among many others, are Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and John Sculley!

Be part of the Computer Science Education Week with Pocket Code!
December 2016
From December 5th to 11th, kids, teenagers and adults worldwide learn together how to create their own games during the Hour of Code. Find Pocket Code's #GalaxyGameJam among many other great tutorials for beginners!

Pocket Code - Shortlisted for Reimagine Education Awards
November 2016
We're happy to anounce that Pocket Code got shortlisted as best educational app for the Reimagine Education Awards (Philadelphia, USA) in December!

Pocket Code - Winner of the "Internet for Refugees" award!
November 2016
For the ongoing development of a Right-to-Left language version of Pocket Code, Catrobat got honored with a grant of the Austrian Netidee and the special award "Internet for Refugees"!
Picture: Netidee/Alex Müller

Take part in our global online game creation event until 2016-12-31!
October 2016
Win fantastic prizes from Samsung!! Held in cooperation with partners from all over the world!

What's Catrobat about?
October 2016
Giving humankind a better future. Get to know the vision of Catrobat in our latest YouTube Video.

Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and NFC now supported by Pocket Code!
August 2016
Pocket Code is ready for your tinkering projects as well as ultra-fast prototyping of mobile IOT (Internet Of Things) apps connected to real hardware.

Coding skills for refugees, learned directly on their smartphones!
July 2016
Pocket Code is ideally suited for young refugees to learn how to develop Apps in their own languages.

Samsung and Catrobat #CodingForKids roadshow in yellow school bus
May 2016
@SamsungAT has joined forces with Catrobat to teach computational thinking skills to kids using Pocket Code using only smartphones!

Massive Open Online Course on Pocket Code
April 2016
With Google's CS4HS award, we created a MOOC for educators that includes 18 videos, many activities and excercises, and that has its own web community!

Alice Game Jam Review
March 2016
Congratulations to the winners of the Alice Game Jam!
Find a review, the winners and further information about this Game Jam on our G+ community page!

Google Summer of Code 2016
29 February 2016
Google selected us for the fifth time as a Google Summer of Code mentoring organization!

Educators' platform launched!
30 January 2016
Find, contribute, and share curricular material and tutorials about how Pocket Code can be used in schools!

Be part of the #AliceGameJam with Pocket Code and Scratch!
7 December 2015
Participate in the Alice Game Jame with Pocket Code and Scratch during the Computer Science Education week from December 7th to 13th! Create and design your own Alice themed game or story and share it with us!
All information needed and some cool tutorial and media-stuff can be found on the special event website!
Let's code and be part of something big!

Google supports Pocket Code to teach children how to code
19 November 2015
Fundings by Google help us to reach out for children all over the world and give them the chance to learn how to code with Pocket Code! Schools and teenagers worldwide are already using Pocket Code and create their own apps and games, to get prepared for the digital future. Thanks to Google we even can reach out for more children and provide them additional materials and tutorials!
Read the full story of Google Fundings supporting Pocket Code here

Pocket Code featured at the Lovie Letters
2 November 2015
Find Pocket Code on the Lovie Letters presented by Google!
Interesting facts about the project, its history and the people behind it!

Pocket Code supports Phiro robot, a staff pick on!
2 November 2015
The Phiro Pro robot can be controlled entirely through Pocket Code!
UPDATE: Funding goal achieved after only five days, with 32 left to go!

Pocket Code and the No One Left Behind project won the ICT 2015 'Young Minds' Award - Grand Prix Best Connect Exhibitor Award!
26 October 2015
Together with the Human Brain project, we won the prize for the best exhibitor at the Horizon2020 conference of the European Commission!

Pocket Code won a Lovie Award and a People's Lovie Award!
13 October 2015
Pocket Code has been named a Silver Winner of the Lovie Awards and a winner of the People's Lovie Awards.
Thank you for your votes and support!!

Be part of the Alice Game Jam during #CodeWeekEU !!
10 October 2015
Create your own Alice themed Game, App or Story ‎with Pocket Code!

Pocket Code now has a media library!
21 September 2015
Please consider creating and contributing images and sounds!

We are looking for translators!
5 September 2015
Please help us to reach out to even more kids by translating our apps to your language!

Pocket Code featured in Google's official "Tech Tips from Teachers" YouTube channel!
4 August 2015
The kids featured in the video are from our partner school in Graz, Austria, near our headquarters!

Pocket Code fully supports Lego Mindstorms NXT robot programming!
15 July 2015
You only need your Android smartphone to give your robot a face, a voice, and computer vision!

Pocket Code now allows to create real Android apps!
12 June 2015
You can download your Catrobat program after uploading it first to the sharing site!

Tatiyana Domanova is awarded Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship!
22 May 2015
Catrobat team member and former Google Summer of Code student receives prestigious scholarship from Google!

No One Left Behind research project funded by European Union!
19 May 2015
Centers on Pocket Code for game based learning, focuses on inclusion!

Catrobat is awarded highly competitive CS4HS grant by Google!
29 April 2015
Will be used to create a massive open online course (MOOC) on Pocket Code!
UPDATE (8 November 2015): First parts are available on

Catrobat article on Google's Open Source blog!
13 February 2015
Our Google Summer of Code 2014 wrap-up is featured on Google's Open Source blog!

Pocket Code at the Global Games Jam 2015!
23-25 January 2015
Catrobat took part at GGJ'2015 held at GameCity in Nottingham!

Beyond One Hour of Code!
9 December 2014
Pocket Code is featured on under "Tutorial apps for phones and tablets"!

Programmieren am Handy nach dem Legoprinzip!
26 November 2014
Newspaper article on Catrobat (in German language)!

Create an Android game in less than one hour!
11 October 2014
Pocket Code is featured during the European Code Week!

Take a crash course in fun!
4 September 2014
Pocket Code featured by Google in back-to-school promotion!

Invited talk about Pocket Code
22 August 2014
Forthcoming features presented at the Constructionism conference

Scratch team visits Catrobat HQ to start collaboration
18 August 2014
Mitch Resnick gave a talk on Sowing the seeds for a more creative society

First Android App creation contest with Pocket Code
7 July 2014
The winning app will be converted into an Android app on Google Play!

Worldwide the first app on Google Play created entirely on a smartphone
8 May 2014
Tic-Tac-Toe Master was downloaded 23,000 times from Google Play so far!

Pocket Code and Pocket Paint on Google Play for Education
9 March 2014
Video of our apps used in schools for STEM education!

New versions of our Apps on Google Play
8 March 2014
Pocket Code and Pocket Paint are out of the beta and freely available on Google Play!

Google Summer of Code 2014
24 February 2014
Google selected us for the fourth time as a Google Summer of Code mentoring organization!

Catrobat at the Computer Science Education Week
9 December 2013
Pocket Code is participating at the Computer Science Education Week!

Catrobat is participating at the European Code Week
29 November 2013
Pocket Code is demonstrated at the European Code Week and Robotics Day!

Google is promoting Pocket Code
14 November 2013
Google is promoting Pocket Code heavily during the launch of Google Play for Education!

Live AR.Drone programming at Scratch'2013
25 July 2013
Pocket Code presentation at Scratch'2013, including a live demo of programming a Parrot AR.Drone!

Our Apps on the OLPC Tablet
17 July 2013
The preliminary physics version of Pocket Code is the programming app on the new OLPC Tablet!

National Innovation Award
7 March 2013
We were awarded the Austrian National Innovation Award 2013 in the category Multimedia by the Austrian Minister for Economics and Youth Development!

Press Contact
Wolfgang Slany

Press Contact
Wolfgang Slany